I qualified in September 2017 as Pharmacist and signed up with many agencies and started getting a lot of shifts through one of them so I booked a few shifts through to mid November in excitement of being a newly qualified and working. They seemed really good, good rates and seemed to understand I was a newly qualified and booked me places accordingly. 3 weeks into my registration we found out the most heart breaking news that my grandma had been diagnosed with cancer and was in her last stages and only had a few months. As soon as I could I informed the agency and asked them to cancel my shifts in November (1.5 months in advanced) as I had a three week block booking in the south west (5 hours from my home town) and I wanted to spend as much time I had left with my grandma. They replied rather sympathetically and said they could see what they could do. Out of the three weeks they got the third week covered and at the time I thought ok it should be ok after this I won’t take any bookings. It came to my block booking. One week went by, and the second week was coming to the end and had only one day left. The morning of my second to last day I received the worse phone call of my life which still haunts me till today. Those dreaded words… “nanny is no longer with us you need to come home”. I froze, I broke, my heart shattered to a million pieces in a milliseconds. I didn’t know what to do I didn’t know how to react. I didn’t know how to go about it via work. I composed myself finished off whatever I was doing in that second. Spoke to the store manager who rang the co-ordinator as she didn’t know what to do herself who then said I needed to contact the agency so I called them and instantly they said to Me “sorry to hear we have just found out”.. so I told them I needed to leave asap as they wanted to do the burial that day and was just waiting for the death certificate and I’m 5 hours away from home. The agency replied so inconsiderately and abruptly “I understand, I can get tomorrows shift covered for you but you can’t leave you have to finish the day off” in that time the coordinator said she found a locum who could come and I told the agency they have found cover..(Behind the scenes…. later I found out when I went home that my family rang the agency at 11am to find out where exactly I was working as they couldn’t get through to my phone, to that they replied due to confidentiality we are unable to disclose such information. So my family told the agency to contact me and inform me as I needed to come home ASAP as the funeral would be taking place. I received the dreaded phone call from MY SISTER not even the agency at 12.11pm after she had to call every boots store in the area to see if I was working there) they didn’t even have the bloody decency to call and let me know!


Ever since this incident on many many many occasions they dismiss me. Won’t book me in on bookings, DEFINITELY won’t book me in for higher rates 25+ and give the excuse of sorry it’s taken two days later , or OK I will put in your request and wait to hear back to never hearing back from them till I have to chase it up and ask what happened. 2 months went by and I thought this isn’t right so I rang and questioned as though I was in the wrong as though I had committed the sin and they denied any act. 6 months went by and still they would be so shady with the shifts to the extent I wouldn’t even get the normal rates and now till this date I don’t receive emails anymore and only receive email for the left over shifts… But don’t worry I no longer use them as a locum agency anymore.

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